Fear Diversity and Cricket Bats

Randy Lewis in No Greatness without Goodness said:

“I know fear first hand. Fear of failure. Fear of looking bad or appearing weak. Fear of losing respect or position. Fear has kept me quiet in the past when I should have spoken up. It has kept me still when I should have acted.”

That quote resonates with me and my journey from the security of the public sector payroll through redundancy to a limited company. The Knowledge also you only grow a business if you grow yourself and it only comes if I make it so and keep making it so. Some days I just feel fear.

Some days are great, and I don’t feel fear then instead only hope for the future. I already have got some great contracts public and private. I have work for November and December and some income, but it’s not enough to give me or the family security into 2015, not yet. But I know deep down strategy and coaching are the things I am good at and my customers love what I do. So, I know I need to stick with the knitting.

Yesterday was a great day as I worked with David on our strategy for growing @Norfolkbats. What a fab guy and a fab company and boy do we have a great product, market segment opportunities and a vision to grow and to be the best in breed. We spent time analysing this together along with our values and priorities. All important in strategy and business development. We spent a lot of time also talking about doing business well and who we can take along with us. How in growing the company we will need to grow ourselves too. Taking on new challenges and letting go of some stuff. I left feeling invigorated.

I know from my coaching practise all leaders feel the fear and at times the inadequacy. We call it the imposer syndrome. All businesses worry about growth, sustainability and managing change and complexity. All leaders and all our corporations have good and bad days. But whatever our role or our business setting GREAT and GOOD are not incompatible.

People talk to me now I’m on the outside, they always did actually, but I can share those stories easier now. I hear too many leaders not being GOOD, too many services failing and many boards not diverse with too many backs being covered. Those leaders feel the fear too don’t they? but we can and must be GOOD in the face of challenges, however great. We should seek after the GOOD in business. We should dream the dreams of greatness done well.

I have recently finished Randy’s book and it is brilliant, astonishing and inspiring, He is Senior Vice President of Walgreens. Real business turning 1 cent on each dollar, now that’s a tough place. A place many of us would say you just need to focus on performance and productivity not the frilly add on like diversity. BUT he tells a story from his heart of how he and his team make his organisation both profitable and good to work for. Not just good for the Harvard educated and the best in breed but for people with profound disabilities too. So with Norfolk bats and BLEND, like Kevin Costner once said “we will build it and they will come”.

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